1. kann mich nur anschliessen.Heute ist der 7 te Jänner und seit 6 Wochen immer das Gleiche.Samsung Leute nett, aber schon Profis im Achselzucken während demHändewaschen in Unschuld.Und dies Briefkastenfirma Mentorquatschim Billiglohntschechien ist grad noch das Tüpfelchen der Ver…Somit seis gesagt..janz jlobal

  2. BTW anyone who believes MIA is in the wrong party is mistaken. MIA is exactly where he should be and must continue to keep up the good work. Let every Canadian Conservative pray that MIA leave office many years from now. I personally think that MIA should stay in office until there is no Liberal in office anywhere in Canada. I hope that MIA remains in office until the Liberal brand solicits groans of protest at the mere mention of the name Liberal.26c5

  3. En alldeles nystartad FB-grupp föreslÃ¥r att hon kvalificerar sig som försvarsminister med följande motivering: "Med den insikt och förstÃ¥else som Johanne visar som utomstÃ¥ende granskare, sätter hon ord pÃ¥ det som vare sig regering, riksdag, försvarsutskott, försvarsdepartement eller försvarsledning tidigare, ännu eller kanske aldrig kommer lyckats att göra…"Ja, varför inte… det var länge sen nÃ¥gon utomstÃ¥ende var sÃ¥ klarsynt!/JOH3 missioner…

  4. ¿Del mismo contacto?No sé si sea lo mismo, pero se se mantiene una conversación por correo y ves el listado desde Gmail puedes llegar hasta el 100, en el inbox se vería algo como “Conversación (100)” y al recibir uno nuevo se mostraría en un grupo aparte con el mismo nombre, pero con el contador reiniciado… Aunque no sucede lo mismo si desde la conversación con los 100 mensajes haces un reenviar o un responder, entonces sí se muestra con el contador en 101…

  5. سامي عثمان قارئبارك الله فيك ويحميك من كل عدو ويوفقك وينور طريقك….. الواحد لما يقراء تاريخ زي هذا ، توحشوا بلده من الغربه الى عايش فيها.( ولد المدينه وعيشة جده وساكن فى لندن )

  6. disse:acho um elogio tão magnífico e invertido o MIGNON.adoro! porque o interpreto tão irónico quanto devido, ao de fora das expressões que a gíria adquire.um filet mignon (em fr double l) é para mim DISGUSTING. desprezível, repelente, para não dizer noooojento! mas muito engraçado que usem um bom pedaço de carne para descrever uma sensação, adjectivo e predicado utilizado num sujeito tão único…. e específico?é engraçado! como o francês tão rico… diverge para gírias satíricas!Bem… o Portugês à parte porque esse…… complexo “displexo”

  7. Thank you for your site post. Manley and I are already saving to buy a new ebook on this topic and your short article has made all of us to save all of our money. Your ideas really clarified all our queries. In fact, more than what we had acknowledged previous to the time we stumbled on your fantastic blog. I no longer nurture doubts plus a troubled mind because you have completely attended to the needs in this post. Thanks

  8. ditto malikthe problem is that so few lawyers live in the hood now…they live in elite and distant white/black enclaves and never visit or mentor in the hood at all…most today would rather play golf or creep in their spare time than help a needy kidnikki giovanni penned some classic prose about all the adults who waste time carnally chasing adults who never care/last as they neglect children who would never forget/always love that same attn as conscious quality time given…

  9. Esses flames contra o gerenciador de pacotes do debian são engraçados, dá pra ver que não conhecem bem o sistema.Para remover sem checar as dependências, deve ser usado o comando dpkg diretamente, forçando a remoção (nada recomendável aliás, pois esse tipo de quebra de dependência que é comum em outros sistemas é exatamente o que o Debian tenta evitar – procure por “dependency heck” por exemplo):dpkg –force-depends -r libdb4.2

  10. A more eloquent and entertaining justification of the rightness of one person or group to oppress another I have seldom enjoyed. Yes, yes, let's have the paternalistic cis pat us on our collective heads and guide us. Yes, yes, what evils there are in the trans, what with man acknowledging his filthy, debased commonality with other men. Lead us, oh wise… while we pray you make the best decisions on our behalf that we, too ignorant and small, cannot possibly make for ourselves!A delicious read. Tasting of almonds…

  11. MhlongoIf judges were “judges of the people”, in order to keep their seats they’d have to bend interpretations to suit a particular outcome.The result would be legal chaos. The laws are made by politicians who are elected. It is they who have the authority to determine direction and the judges have the duty to interpret and apply it.Judges enjoy legitimacy because the law of the land is accepted. However, we will soon have a constitutional crisis when Zuma loses and refuses to comply. Who will force him?

  12. So conflicts over a trademark , Head Vs Heart arguements are not digestible..and not believable..See Kranti, last ten years i am busy to figure out why and where the wires have got leakage..It bewilders me continuously.and here i am sharing continuously my notes… one of the big fault i have found is that by living too much in India, the British has gone Patriarch!He has forgotten that in the developed societies you are not suppose to give do’s and don’t list even too children.The moment priest’s mind is incarnated, seekers with a brain start running.

  13. It is indeed fun to immerse the readers in a world totally alien to them, particularly when they don't know if you're really historically accurate. Was barley water a staple of 17th century England? I have no idea, but just imagine the fuss when they quote your fictional-but-realistic 'facts' to a historian – yes, I'm a trouble-maker).You can also live vicariously through your characters, and I'm sure that accounts for a good deal of what I've read over the years.

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